Need a break from all the information and distractions coming at you everywhere you look. Here is a much needed reminder to stop all the noise and look within. Although, I originally wrote this in 2016, it is perfect for right now. Enjoy.

“Within” by Tricia Sybersma

Why do we look up when we pray?

The beautiful blue sky, warm sun and the weather live up there

But all the great teachers tell us to look within

There is a universe in the sky up above

Solar systems, distant planets and mysteries live up there

But there is a mightier universe found within

The world can be a stormy place

Violence, turmoil and confusion live out there

But one can always find peace waiting within

Why do we look out there for answers?

Yes, information and opinions can be found out there

But true wisdom lives within

There are wonderful sights and sounds to enjoy out there

Mountains, forests, deserts quiet streams and more

But the stillness of the soul lives within

Why do we look to others when we are lost and confused?

Yes, compassion and care live out there

But the path to our true destination lives within

How fortunate we are to have the opportunity to enjoy and learn

And have amazing experiences out there

But our deepest personal adventures live within

When it’s time to rest, to laugh, to heal and to be grateful

And you want to share it with your friends who live out there

Remember your best friend the one who always listens lives within

So where do I go when the world is too much when I need to find –

My teacher

My universe

My peace

My wisdom

My stillness,

My destination

My personal adventures

My best friend

When I need to find myself

I look within