The plants, flowers and trees that surround you are full of information just waiting for you to discover. Take a look around in your own garden or where ever you happen to be, when something catches your eye, take note because there is a message waiting for you from nature.

Nice Surprise

I finally returned to our farm in Ontario Canada last week after being away and missing the spring season due to Covid-19. I couldn’t wait to go outside and check the gardens. When I did, I was greeted by this beautiful white Hollyhock in the garden outside my kitchen window. This was a surprise since I don’t know how it got there?

Once inside I searched the meanings and messages for Hollyhocks. I learned that their main meanings are; beauty, care, friendship, appreciation and ambition. There was more. “Just like with the Hollyhock flower, sometimes we don’t have to invest too much effort into some things, as they will come to us naturally”. This is a good reminder to stop trying too hard with people and situations, instead trust and go with the flow.

Look for Lessons

While still coping with restrictions, working from home and not able to resume normal activities like going to the gym, you can go outside. When you do, really notice what’s out there and see what catches your eye. Maybe it will be a tree or a flower. Maybe it will be a color or a shape. It could even be a bird or some other critter. Whatever it is, when you go back inside look up the messages then ask yourself what they mean to you?

Share what you have learned from nature in the comments below.