With winter looming in the northern parts of the world, are you looking forward to snow or dreading it? Whether you are the type of person that embraces winter sports, such as skiing and snowshoeing, or prefers to hibernate till spring, snow definitely has its advantages and disadvantages. But, what if snow also has something more? Something that would entice even those who choose to hibernate to venture outside. I believe that it does.

What is in a snowflake?

Ever since I was little I believed that snowflakes were magical as they fell from the sky, swirling and dancing around covering everything in a sparkly white blanket. I later learned that snowflakes are made when there’s the perfect mixture of; extreme cold, water and dust. When tiny molecules of water adhere to dust particles and form into a hexagonal (six-sided) structure a snowflake is born. Although all snowflakes share this six-sided shape, within this shape, each one is unique like each of us.

Are snowflakes magical?

You can experience snowflakes with your physical senses. You can see, touch, hear, smell and even taste snowflakes (although not recommend). The magical part is that you can also experience snowflakes energetically. This is because snowflakes are sending vibrational messages as a result of their hexagonal shape. Hexagons, like circles, squares and triangles are part the a magical force of sacred geometry. These are foundational shapes embedded in nature and are all around us. Each of these shapes, alone or in combination create vibrational frequencies that your body recognizes on a cellular level. Your body is also made up of this same sacred geometry!

Winter Wonderland

Today is Winter Solstice – the shortest day of the year when the sun is at its farthest point south in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s a time to celebrate the longer days ahead and set your intentions for the future. What a wonderful time to immerse yourself in a snowy symphony of their magical vibrational frequencies. When you bring positive intentions into your experience, the snowflakes will reflect even more positive energy back to you. You can have a similar experience in rain, too. After all, snowflakes are just frozen raindrops. ❄️

Join me in this video for a walk with snowflakes and experience the magic.

The next time you venture out in the snow, please share your experience in the comments below.