The power of storytelling

Tell your story and help others tell theirs

We live in a storytelling world. Whether these stories are expressed in words, songs, pictures or movement, we all benefit from the experience. Sharing a story can be very healing and powerful for you, and for the people that are receiving it.

Expressing your story can take a lot of work. One percent inspiration, 99% perspiration. There are many moments of questioning. Am I doing the right thing? Who cares? Why bother? It’s not easy but when you know in your heart the story needs to be told, then the only thing you can do is tell it.

That’s the reason I persevered through many months of criticism and rejection while publishing my first book, Summer’s Garden – Gratitude in Nature, now available in it’s second edition. Check out the Growing Gratitude Facebook group here.

The story behind the story

While I was going through a length emotional healing process, I spent many hours in my garden. One hot July afternoon, the beauty of nature struck me so powerfully; I wanted to take pictures to capture the moment. Little did I know that those photos would one day become a book. Spending time in nature has always held a special place in my heart. I truly believe that precious time healed me. There are so many benefits. Learn more about those benefits here.

Sowing the seeds

I felt a strong urge to share my experience and encourage others to step outside and feel the powerful healing energy that is so readily available. I just wasn’t sure how to express my story. Until one day, while arranging my garden photos, I became overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude. Grateful for my connection with nature and the beauty of the garden that day. The theme of my book was suddenly revealed. Gratitude. Then came that 99% perspiration.

Others around me did not share my enthusiasm about this little gardens and gratitude book. I believed that it was important. I persevered. My mantra was, “Why me?” – “Why not me?” It’s vitally important for us to share our stories. Owning our stories help us recover and build resilience so we can move on. They help others by validating their feelings. Stories create compassion and understanding as explained in this article in more detail.

If I can do it so can you

I love that I have a little book about two of my favorite things – gardens and gratitude. It brings me joy. I hope it inspires other to visit nature more often and feel immense gratitude, too. Most importantly, I hope that this story inspires you to share your story. Go ahead write, paint, sing, dancing; whatever gets the story out. You never know who will benefit from your experiences, insights, and unique perspective. The world needs your story.

Start Sharing

I would love to hear from you. Do you have a story you would like to share but are wondering if it’s worth sharing? It is worth sharing! Tell me about it in the comment section below.