Do you find that your days are full of distractions? Are you tired of not getting your own needs met? Self care is not self indulgent, it can be a matter of survival.

Self-care – for many this simply boils down to personal hygiene and some basic body maintenance, like getting a haircut every few weeks. Beyond that, having a regular massage, a spa day, going on a weekend retreat or even just sitting quietly for a while, can be considered self-indulgent, vane or selfish. This negative perspective can lead to dysfunctional behaviours and potential illness if your self-care is ignored for too long.


Why has self-care gotten such a bad reputation?

Our high-functioning, judgmental society praises productivity and doing. It does not honour the concept of simply ‘being’ and fully caring for ourselves. Yet we are expected to be at our best all the time.

When your days are filled with distractions competing for your time, attention and energy. It’s easy to put your needs aside. Though these distractions may give the appearances of perfection, they get in the way of something even more important. Self love.

When we decide to give ourselves care we reconnect with our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy. Self care feeds our body, mind and spirit. This demonstration of self-love rejuvenates and reinvigorates our focus and purpose. As a result we can live more positive and productive lives.

Self-care is like spending time with a good friend you haven’t seen in a while. It’s full of happiness, hugs, catching up, laughter, tears and healing. When we care deeply for ourselves, we are spending time with our very best friend!

It might be inconvenient, awkward, maybe there will be some catching up to do, laughter, tears and healing but it’s so worth it because there’s only one YOU. Today, start simply by taking a moment and give yourself a hug. Right now, stretch out your arms and wrap them around yourself like you are hugging your very best friend …who just so happens to be YOU!

Please share this post on Facebook along with your tip for self care. If more people make self care normal then maybe we can breakdown the negative stigma. Go ahead, love yourself first.