Welcome to the Beach: digital

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Journey and be moved by the ever changing story of the beach captured within each photo.

Everyone had different ways of getting through the angst of Cayman’s stringent and legendary COVID lockdown that occurred during mid-2020. Among the pressures of supermarket letter days, nightly curfews and the total Sunday lock downs emerged a variety of coping mechanisms and habits, some which were more positive and productive than others. Join Tricia in her response to this stress through her photography.

“Invite the sun, sand and sea to wash away all that you are ready to let go of and then, fill you with joy, gratitude and hope as we move forward, taking what we have learned from this time into a bright future and a new normal.”

You’ll receive this digital ebook instantly in pdf and flipbook format to enjoy.

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1 review for Welcome to the Beach: digital

  1. Mary El McCallum (verified owner)

    Thank you Tricia for sharing your experience through your lens. There were days that follow days that appeared to have minimal change yet each day, like the photos were unique with one’s own challenges. Sharing our experiences and reflecting back are important for individual growth, as well as within our bubble and as a nation. I hope those who take the time to appreciate your book take the time to fill in their canvas experiences and appreciate the growth that will come as a result.

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