Messages from One Little Tulip

One little tulip snapped from its stem,
In a little cup of water, now you stand.

I wasn’t sure you were going to make it,
But here you are in full bloom, so grand.

Pink and cheerful you brighten my day,
Be it cooking or cleaning, my kitchen is bright and gay.

But now I watch as you start to fade
I take a pause during my busy day,

With something important and sweet to say.
Beginning with gratitude I begin to chat

About being rescued from the garden, at long last.
Then, I ask the little tulip, “What happens next?”

Thank you“, reply’s the little tulip,

My task here is almost done.
All I ask is to be returned to the garden where my tulip life begun.

Its time for me to join the Earth, where all beings become one.
Don’t be sad, celebrate!

The tulips will show you how.
Watch as we dance and sway,

With the sun, breeze and even the rain.
Happily blooming until we meet again.

There’s something special we want you to remember,
Even when the weather is loud with thunder

Every time you smile at one little tulip,
All the tulips smile back at you 🌷”

Interesting note!

Pink tulips are known for meaning affection, caring, good wishes, and love