How to turn cleaning up into clearing out old emotions and thoughts

Farm Life

When you live on a farm, every day is full of surprises. One of the most inconvenient surprise is when our helpers are unable to make it into work. Maybe their car won’t start or they’re not feeling well. Whatever the reason, the problem is, when the work involves animals, someone needs to change their plans to look after them. Yesterday, this someone was me!

Change of plans

I woke up with the intention of writing when the universe had other plans. I discovered that our helper of the day had serious car trouble so I had to pull on my boots and head to the barn for a full day of chores. Was I thrilled about my change of plans? No, I was actually quite annoyed at the situation but decided to change my thinking.

From annoyed to curious

As I got busy with the chores, I decided to change my thoughts from being annoyed to being curious. I told myself that, I guess I wasn’t supposed to write today and believed instead that something must be percolating for me to write about later. So, as I settled into cleaning and mucking stalls, I looked for opportunities to make this time meaningful.

Chores are good for the heart

I noticed that each time I dumped the overflowing wheelbarrow of manure I felt better, lighter and my mood improved. I began to imagine that not only was I cleaning stalls but me as well. I had recently read an article about our heart; its huge capacity to store feelings, emotions, memories and why it’s important to clean these out. The article also gives suggestions on how to do this.

Taking it one step further, I allowed the manure I was shoveling to represent all the sh*t that I was ready to let go of. I didn’t even need to know what it all was, I just kept shoveling it into the wheelbarrow and dumping it along with the manure.


The interesting thing about manure is that once it’s dumped it composts and turns into a nutrient rich fertilizer that I use in my garden to grow cucumbers, tomatoes and marigolds. So, as I filled and dumped load after load of manure I held the vision that the sh*t I was letting go of was also going to compost into the perfect blend of fertilizer to support my growth and development as well! I call this blend of fertilizer wisdom!

Get Growing

The next time you have a cleaning event, I encourage you to see it as an opportunity to clean out the sh*t you’re ready to let go of. Once you do, hold the vision that it is going to compost into the best blend of fertilizer for you. Then allow it to support you as you continue to grow as well.

I would love to hear how you clear out old or unwanted thoughts or emotions. Please share your story’s in the comment section below.