May these words wash over you to bring you peace and hope for the future.

HOPE by Tricia Sybersma (Fall 2015 – Published 2017)

It’s just after dawn, and I’m sitting by the sea. The sun is rising to my left behind the old sea grape tree

I’m enjoying the morning shade as I sit on this step. With my feet in the cool sand, as soon the sun will heat it up.

I hear the little birds in the wise old tree, As they twitter and chirp “good morning” to me.

The sea is gentle this early morning, with slow, sleepy waves that come rolling. To wake up the Earth because it’s time to get up. As this brand-new day is about to start.

Yes, it is a good time to write about hope.

I am a girl, a woman, a daughter, a sister, a mother, and a friend. I have experienced changes, challenges, and tragedies all from within.

Our stories unite us through our tears and our laughter, This is the human experience we are all after.

We come into this life weak and vulnerable. Ready to fight and survive yet remain loveable.

Hidden in all our experiences is a promise That keeps us true, trying, and honest.

So, what is this promise that keeps me going? A promise of deep yearning and knowing?

It is Hope! How do I know this? Because it is here all around me— Embracing me, strengthening me, healing and teaching me. It never tires, never costs, never judges or discriminates.

It is the sun rising every morning. It is the vast seas and the mighty mountains. It is the promise in each new sprout and blossom.

In challenges, sadness, and despair, In joy, thanksgiving, and celebration, I step outside to give thanks because I know that Hope lives there.

Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands