In 1921 a man named Fredrick R. Barnard coined the famous phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Today, the photos on our websites are even more important as they need to capture attention and communicate very quickly.  When I was designing my website, I wanted an image that would represent all of my facets, my connections to nature, the universe, horses, the Caribbean and Canada, and invite people to bring more Gratitude~Connection~Action into their lives.

My brilliant friend and web designer, Rachel Rossano, created this image, which she calls the hero image for my site. She explained that a hero image sets the tone of a website.  This stunning image, now titled the Hero image, has become a tool of self-reflection and discovery for many.

In ancient Greek mythology, Hero was a legendary priestess serving in the Temple of Aphrodite. Today we use the term hero to connote a person of courage and accomplishment.

However as interesting as this is, the real question is “What does the term hero mean to you?”

Be your own Hero

Let’s explore using this powerful image.  Simply gaze at the image and ask yourself
“What does it mean to be my own Hero?”
-Who and what inspires you?

-What makes your heart sing?
-When have you displayed courage?

-What accomplishments are you most proud of?

Have fun with this. Your answers have messages and information to help you discover new and interesting things about yourself.

Then ask yourself
-What actions am I inspired to take now?

-How would these actions impact my life?  
-What’s the first step I could take to initiate these actions?

Finally, how can you celebrate your Hero self?

I hope that this image inspires you to dream and to act!

If you are looking for a deeper integration, we offer this ‘hero’ imagery as digital wallpaper as well as a pdf to print.