My gift to you on this 50th anniversary of Earth Day – a poem from my heart to yours.

Let me …

Let me be the ground beneath your feet

Let me comfort you on my soft grasses

Let me relax you on my white sands

Let me refresh you in my cool clear waters

Let me cool you under the shade of my trees

Let me fill your eyes with the colours of my rainbows

Let me fill your ears with the songs of my birds

Let me fill your nose with the essences of my blossoms

Let me satisfy your touch with the softness of my flower petals, the prickliness of my thorns the smoothness of my sun warmed rocks

Let me cleanse you with my rain

Let me renew you with my storms

Let me warm you with my fire

Let me give you shelter with my mud, wood and stone

Let me give you tools from my metals

Let me cloth you with my bamboo, hemp and cotton

Let me feed your body from my soil

Let me quench your thirst from my streams

Let me be your bed while gazing at the stars in the sky

Let me hold you as you soak up my Sun

Let me give you companionship with my animals

Let me give you beauty and energy with my crystals

Let me give you medicine with my herbs

Let me show you fragility and grace with my butterflies

Let me show you power and might with my stormy seas

Let me give you the day to work

Let me give you the night to rest

Let me be your compass Let me share with you the secrets of the Universe Let me be your teacher in all things big and small

Let me hug you with my strong tree trunks and branches

Let me give you healing with a simple touch

Let me give you …love

~ the Earth