The Gratitude Experience

“Gratitude does not make life perfect, but it does create space, opportunity and momentum for positive change”



Gratitude is the first step of Gratitude-Connection-Action and in reclaiming your inner power.

Tap into Gratitude at a much deeper level with Tricia’s free eBook, ‘The Gratitude Experience’. You’ll love this 44 page workbook full of inspiration and practical exercises that will assist you in finding your own inner power through Gratitude in your life.

What Gratitude attracts is up to you.


Gratitude for your physical body


Gratitude for the physical world


Gratitude for how you think and feel


Gratitude for how you experience life

Shifting from one energy field to another starts with awareness, followed by motivation and then a commitment to initiating action.

Learn how to use HeartMath® techniques to shift your state of emotion and create a calm and grateful inner space for yourself!

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