Have fun with this mini poetry workshop with yours truly, and the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands.

Learn how to create a personal affirmation from a poem!

Listen as I share what poetry means to me and how to use poetry for inspiration and more. 

Enjoy the original poem used in the workshop. 

Just Like Me 

Three sister islands 
Built on rocks of iron
With fragile beaches 
And secrets in the deep blue sea
Just like me 

There are birds that sing
There are palms standing tall 
There are plants that sting
And plants that soothe all
Just like me 

There are days to work 
There are days to play
There are seasons to love
And seasons of loss
Just like me 

Cayman shows me how to be 

In a world where I can be anywhere
I am here
I am Cayman 
And Cayman is just like me