Continued Inspiration

I am honored to share the beloved community that continues to inspire my journey.

Lynne Klippel – If you need a business wordsmith committed to highlighting your star quality, Lynne is here to help you shine.

Strategic Business Ghostwriting and Publishing Services

Leni Onkka -Leni began doing energy work in 1999 and has been working extensively with clients to facilitate their inner growth.


Sheila TrecartinInternationally Renowned Animal Communicator,  Medium & ​Intuitive Business Consultant.

Visit Sagacity – A unique and spiritual membership program.

Laura Rowely – Enjoy Laura’s unique perspective of a world where animals not only have a voice, but a wisdom they impart upon their human companions.


Rachel Rossano Custom web design and development – Rachel designed our site!


Also, offering energy healing/clearing on people, animals and homes.

Dr. Laura Koniver

Grounding & Healing Tools For the Electrosensitive


Focused Life Fore Energy is a groundbreaking quantum technology service that supports us to thrive in today’s world.


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