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Energy-infused venues where my books find their home, along with my presence in various other realms!

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'Growing Gratitude Now' Group

Recognize the growing awareness of the importance of bringing gratitude into our daily lives. This group is where you can share your stories about gratitude. We want to hear it all

'Orbits' Group

This group supports and encourages the reconnection to our heart centred navigational system and how to use it to navigate while living our own life, while navigating around others.

Heart Horsemanship Group

Explore what it means to put the concepts of Heart and Horsemanship together; the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of horses and humans.

'I Speak' Group

Has someone else’s story ever helped you through a difficult moment in your life? Have you had to make a difficult decision and spoke your truth, even when it was met with criticism or rejection? We invite you to share your truth.

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