This is the first in a series of video blogs where I share my poems and thoughts about life. My hope is they bring you more peaceful contemplation and joy. (I’m getting the hang of this video thing so please bare with me.)

Come sit with me, 1:00 pm Feb. 24, 2014

The errands are done it is time to stop

Leaving behind traffic, parking and shops

Although all are necessary and need to get done

Because life keeps us moving in a continuous run

Come sit with me now and join me outside

Outside of time, outside of walls

And see what is waiting for us to discover

As there are always surprises and wonder

The dock where we sit is peaceful today

In the company of sunshine and sea water

already at play

The song birds join in and the palm trees too

Creating a melody just for me and you

We understand more than numbers, letters and words

More than just language written or heard

Come sit with me here and let’s explore

giving freedom to all our senses to awaken and soar

Let’s feel the sun’s glow warm on our face

Let’s feel the breeze teasing our hair out of place

Let’s listen to the sea water lapping and splashing

Let’s listen to the palm trees rustling and scratching

Let’s see the colors all around, reds, golds, greens

Blues and browns

Let’s smell the air with each new breath

Carrying the scents of sea, earth and plant

Let’s enjoy the birds who bring it all together

With their Chirping, singing that we have enjoyed forever

Come sit with me and let’s gently start

By allowing all this to take root in our hearts

remember the details, the sights, smells and sounds

as all too soon we shall sadly move on

But before we do

There is a surprise for you

While sitting here on this dock

Something wonderful happened and it may bring a shock

With the sun, the breeze, sea and trees

We created this place for you and me

and you can now come visit whenever you please

It just takes a moment and in a blink of an eye

And you will rediscover this place for you and I

Whether it is you or me that is able to come

This place will always be waiting in times not yet begun

To explore, enjoy or just to rest

When you Come sit

this place will know what’s best

And who I am? You shyly ask

I will answer but it is no easy task

I am your heart, your guides, your dreams

I am your friend, and your very own support team

Now off you go

When you are ready

More errands will be waiting

And now you will be strong and steady