Messages from the dancing cattails

Watching the cattails dance in the wind from my kitchen window, I felt an invitation to join them.
Walking towards their marshy home, I was swept-up in their beauty as they swayed to and fro.
Then, for a moment in time I experienced the world through their wisdom and grace.

“Although we grow in undesirable locations like swamps and ditches, we thrive.
We are firmly rooted and stand tall in perfect balance of strength and resilience.
We sway with the wind and storms but do not break.
We show softness with our seed pods. You call them wishes which is fitting.
We send our wishes out into the world carried by the wind.
You too can thrive wherever you are.
Be firmly rooted and stand tall.
With just enough flexibility to ride the storms.
Show your softness.
Send out your wishes of joy, happiness, love and gratitude out into the world and dance in the winds of change.”

Cattails message
The most common association is peace.
Also, strong earth energy, balance, and stability.
Cattails are associated with the number one. This is because their flower spikes like a number one.
In numerology the number one is all about beginnings.
There are moments of enthusiasm energy endeavor, hope, joy, passion, and enterprise.
Cattails are a good symbol to see if you are starting on a new journey and or business.

Thank you, cattails.