Whose life is it?

With Gratitude-Connection-Action step into your life

and create a field of possibilities just for you.

What if you were

at peace

regardless of what was happening around you?

Our world can seem like a turbulent place, full of uncertainty, fear, and stress.  Some days it can feel hard to even recognize our lives because there have been so many changes. 

Many struggle to keep their heads above water and find the strength required to not just endure life, but to enjoy it. Thankfully, it is possible to weather any external storm once you begin to use some simple, yet profound tools,

Gratitude, Connection, and Action work in a spiral to take you deeper and deeper into your heart, expanding the field of opportunities, so that you can embrace life from a place of confidence, self-knowledge, and peace.


Drops you into your heart and slows your mind, aligning them both.


Helps you discover what you really want.


Inspired by your heart, preferences, and commitment to change, your next steps become clear.

A journey to your beautiful life

The Gratitude, Connection, Action journey is dynamic. Gratitude opens Connections which leads to Action. Which in turn inspires more Gratitude, opening more Connections and more Action, leading you deeper into joy, peace, and happiness.

A little about  Tricia

Tricia’s insights are inspiring and honest. She shares her vulnerabilities so you can be stronger. Her passion for helping others drives her to write, speak and mentor others seeking joy, freedom and unshakable personal power.

Tricia is a certified HeartMath® Trainer and Mentor and loves working one on one in sessions to assist in bringing clarity and peace of mind.


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