Whose life is it?

With Gratitude ~ Connection ~ Action you can step into your life

and create a field of possibilities just for you.

What if you were

at peace

regardless of what was happening around you?

Our world is changing.

Who else has days when the world feels like a turbulent place, full of uncertainty, fear, and stress? Days when it is challenging to recognize our lives because there have been so many changes. Yet other days overflowing with opportunity and potential. 

Thankfully, it is possible to navigate all this and more once you begin using simple yet profound tools designed to support YOU. 

Gratitude~Connection~Action ignites spiralling energy that invites you into your heart while expanding your field of opportunities.
Learn how GCA creates momentum for positive change so you can navigate life from a place of confidence, self-knowledge, and peace.


Experience self. Discover and explore your inner world so you can change your outer world. Gratitude is a powerful switch that will set change in motion.


Experience community. Explore your connections in an interactive and expansive way. Discover how to get connections working for you.


Experience your life. Learn practical yet powerful tools as you begin navigating the world around you. It’s time to enjoy living your life to the fullest.

A journey to your beautiful life

The Gratitude, Connection, Action journey is dynamic. Gratitude opens Connections and both lead to Action. Understanding how to navigate your days and settle deeper into joy, peace, and happiness.

A little about  Tricia

Tricia’s passion for helping drives her to write, speak and mentor others seeking joy, freedom, and unshakable personal power through Gratitude, Connection, and Action.  Perspectives that invite readers to connect to their heart and live an authentic and fulfilling life.


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